Useful Information

The Quitnits Complete Head Lice Kit contains a triple action spray treatment that kills lice, defends against lice. The kit also contains an egg removal shampoo which helps remove lice eggs from the hair.

Quitnits® Complete Head Lice Kit 

The complete head lice kit includes a head lice treatment spray, egg removal shampoo & comb.

  • Easy to use
  • Scientifically backed
  • No combing required
  • Contains essential oils

A disposable comb is also included which can be used to detect lice and remove dead lice and eggs.


Step 1 - Treat Lice

Release the trigger lock and pump two or three times to prime the spray head on the first use. Hold the bottle about 10cm from the hair, apply two pumps while lifting the hair in sections to ensure the product reaches the scalp. Repeat the application until the hair is wet with product.

Massage through to the scalp ensuring all of the hair is treated. Leave in the hair for at least 15 minutes before shampooing.

Normally one treatment is all that is required but if lice are detected after inspecting the hair repeat the treatment. Repeat in 7 days if necessary.

For up to 8 hours continued protection apply a few light sprays on the hair, there is no need to wet all of the hair for adequate protection.
Use daily when head lice are prevalent

Step 2 - Remove Eggs

Wet the hair thoroughly.

Apply a small amount of shampoo to the palm of the hand and massage into the hair well.

Rinse the hair and repeat the process
For stubborn eggs leave the shampoo in the hair for up to 15 minutes before rinsing. A regular conditioner may be used if required. If desired, comb hair with nit comb.

How it Works

Works by suffocating and dehydrating lice. Our product coats the louse which stops it from exchanging gases and moisture with its environment, leading to suffocation. It also works to remove a louse’s protective lipids from its outer shell causing it to dehydrate rapidly.


Quitnits Head Lice Spray Treatment:
Cyclomethicone, dimethicone, santalum spicatum heartwood Oil essential (Australian Sandalwood Oil), fragrance.

Quitnits Egg Removal Shampoo:
Water, sodium laureth sulfate, cocamide DEA, cocoamidopropylbetaine, citric acid, malic acid, sodium benzoate, polyquaternium-44, benzyl alcohol, fragrance.

General Guidance & Cautions

Use enough to thoroughly cover the scalp and hair, including the back of the neck and behind the ears.

If the product gets into the eyes, rinse out immediately with water.

Remove all the eggs (nits) you can find after treatment with the fine tooth comb included ensuring that combings are wiped onto a tissue for disposal.

Repeat the treatment after 7-10 days to kill lice that have hatched from any remaining eggs that were not killed by the first treatment and to ensure the cycle is broken.

If you find live lice or more eggs appear after the second treatment, seek advice from a health professional.

Check other people in the household and treat if necessary. Lice can quickly spread back to people who have already been treated.

Don't use on babies under 6 months, except on medical advice.

Only use the product when you can see live lice or their eggs.

Always read the label. Follow the instructions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.

If you have a known allergy to cosmetic or personal care products consult your health professional before use.

This product may make floors slippery.